Monday, March 26, 2007

Pasir Ris Farmway (Fishing & Prawning) CR

Hi there Folks,
Its time i write a CR on my last few outing at d Pasir Ris Farmway Pond.

Last weekend,me & my gang went to PR Farmway to do some prawning & fishing.
This time round, with 3hrs of prawning we landed almost 40+ pcs of Big Head Prawns(Pron. in Hockien). Wow! i was quite surprise with the result anyway. To me, prawning was just another form of game for me to past time only but i didn't know that we could catch so much in 3hrs.
Actually ,our main aim is to hv fun and to try catch something for ourself to barbecue only.
With 2 rods & 3hrs of prawning,we were rewarded with lots of prawns for the table.
The hook up rate was fantastic too,the prawns were biting all round even when we abt to stop.
All i can say is that we had a wonderful time prawning there.

Btw,the fishing was oso good on my last visit there & recently i juz heard from my friend that they released abt 8o+kg fresh water barramundi and some pacu as well into the pond. So waiting for wat? time for fishing liao. Two of our guys did try out d fishing there & one of them hook up a huge fish which took him abt 20min to land.
Anyway, it turn out to be his largest fish of the day & it was a magnificent Chao Phraya catchfish estimated around 30kg. Congratulation Bro!

Lastly,i felt very honour to hv invited a lady chef from some Tampinese five stars restuarant to cook the prawns for us to fill our stomach,!
HaHaHaHaHa.....................LOLz..................zzzz...! b?#4 #$@%^&@@#&+_&*^)":

Anyway,we really had a great time,
Happy Fishing? Happy Prawning? Happy Cooking? LoLz!


Bussiness Beri Good Rite? Thats Why U Can smile until like that
Our Master RodBuilder Sebastian with a Good Size Prawn Good Catch( around 40 pcs)
Gal,why u laughing? Beri Funny Meh! ' Lu A Sai Bo? ' & Where's the Prawn?
Baking time

Yummy Yummy
Even the head was not spare

Boonlay VS AMK My Flavourite Chicken Liver
Japanese Field Tester JoshuaSAN from (The black Devil Family)

Haiz.............beri hot lei, ' WU GREEN TEA BO'?

Finally HeHe Man in action liao
' Patin ' ' Patin '
i think they forgot to add that, only for children & not adult. Hahaha!

Words cannot discribe my feeling now
Full house liao la
Wah Piang..zzz,i didn't know that like this netting oso shiok ah
Hey Tau kay,this is for children to play one hor

Don't high stick bro! LOL!
Only know him by the nickname of Stingray Tan ,very nice & helpful guy
Chao Praya Catfish landed by our Bro, Pui Poh(right side of pic)
This magnificent fish was released unharm after d photo shoot

Happy Fishing!

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Apizz said...

Hi Sam,

I read you blog and i am interested to know as to where this location is.

From your photos and blog, i can see that this is a good place to fish and prawn.

Can i know where the exact location is and how do i get there?
Cause i am staying in the west and i wish to find a good spot for oth me and my wife to fish and pond.
Can you also tell me the rates for prawning and fishing and the operating hours, is it like 24hrs?

I also heard that there is a new place, lorong 35 pasir ris farmway 3. do you know of this place??

Your kind reply is appreciated. It would aLSO B nice if you could share some good and useful tips for prawing and fishing.